Monday, July 15, 2019

Nice Review from K. M. Weiland

One of the bestselling writing advice authors in the world is K. M. Weiland. Guess what her new favorite writing guide is? (And she’s been backing it up by quoting me and linking to my book in her wonderful blog/podcast several times recently)  Thanks, K. M.  I’m a fan of your advice, too.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Matt!

How's the new book coming along?

Matt Bird said...

Thanks for asking! Writer's Digest had requested the new book, so when they went out of the business I stopped working on it until the situation could be resolved. My agent is now checking to see if my new publisher Penguin Random House is interested.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can tell those penguins to get busy because your readers sure are interested!

Matt Bird said...

The problem is that every time I try to find the penguins, it's impossible to guess which house they'll be in.

K.M. Weiland said...

Hey, cool. I came by to see if you had a new post and found this. My review did not overstate my appreciation of your book and the way you think about writing. Great to hear you're doing another one!

Day Leitao said...

Well, your book IS the best out there. All the other books are vague and insist on old concepts like a 3-act structure. Speaking of your book, why don't you self publish?

There are successful self-published books for writing, including by authors like K. M Weiland, Libbie Hawker, and Rachel Aaron .

You could set yourself free and produce more. You could also release shorter books on specific aspects. I find that your book can be overwhelming for beginner writers, and those are the ones who usually buy more books. Shorter books could be more specific and help you make money, since readers would go on to buy the rest.

You could do really well with self-published book series about shorter aspects of craft. Self-publishing, you could take care of your own advertising.

Don't let old prejudices and misconceptions keep you from releasing great content to the world.

Matt Bird said...

Thanks for the advice, which I see the wisdom of. When my publisher Writer's Digest went out of business, I was preparing to make the jump to republishing it myself, but then Penguin Random House acquired the rights, allowing me to remain secure in my old world of traditional publishing. The thought of dealing with inventory, etc, terrifies me.

Day Leitao said...

Yeah, well, Penguin is good and it's good for your reputation if you were to get a teaching job or something like that.

When you self-publish, you don't need to deal with inventory or anything, since it's all print-on-demand, but there's a learning curve for the details, advertizing, of course. Looking forward to your next book!