Sunday, March 03, 2019

Little Break

Okay, guys, despite the fact that I’ve had several weeks, I don’t have another book ready to go. I don’t know if we’re going to move forward to another one or move backwards and re-examine some of the others from a “Believe-Care-Invest” perspective, but I’m not ready to do either yet, so I’ll take a week or two off here.


Anonymous said...

I like your 'Believe-Care-Invest' approach, and look forward to reading more on it.

Regarding what another commenter mentioned about the possible confusion over the word invest, I think maybe 'commit' or 'devote' might work in its place. To invest oneself emotionally, is really the concept, but unfortunately English can't accurately express that phrase in a single word. Writing this, I'm realizing that English should have a single word for what is such a common human behavior. Matt, please use this time off to invent the necessary word and get back to us. No pressure.

Matt Bird said...

Yeah, as soon as the other commenter said that "Believe, Care, Invest" sounds like a financial book, I've been worried about that word. Maybe "Believe, Care, Root"? I dunno.

Keith Leitch said...

I would devour another book by you, Matt, but I think "Secrets of Story" covered the approach pretty thoroughly. What if you dedicate the next one to dissecting how familiar stories have followed that approach? Kind of in the spirit of your blog, but with longer chapters.

Anonymous said...

A few more replacements for invest. follow - support - favor - admire - attach - involve - participate - embrace - engage - connect - share

Matt Bird said...

Keith: That's actually the structure I'm heading for, I think you'll like it.

Anonymous: Ooh, embrace is good.

Patrick said...

Move on? I'm still on Secrets of Story. I think you should develop that into an online class. Or at least start doing McKee style weekend workshops.

Sign me up.