Sunday, May 06, 2018

The Annotation Project: Beloved

Hey guys, I was going to do Hitchhiker’s Guide next, but I didn’t want to do two nerdy-white-guy books in a row, so instead I figured we should look at our first really literary book, stamped with a Nobel and every other prize (but don’t worry it’s still a spooky genre story, too.) It’s hard not to love this book. It’s the oldest one we’ve done, but the style is still very modern. I’ll have lots more to say about it in forthcoming posts. Update: Here’s a downloadable Doc.


Anonymous said...

In a recent survey more than 50% of Americans admit to a belief in ghosts. I would think that would give the ghost story author a leg-up on writers of other fantasy creatures. As far as the racist myth goes, I suspect you would find a similar level of belief among poorly educated religious people of all races. Thanks for doing more books, I always learn something.

Anonymous said...

Link to word doc?

Matt Bird said...

Oh, right, I always forget to do that. It's up now.