Tuesday, October 17, 2017

James Cheats on Me with my Wife

Hi guys, James and I discussed in our last podcast that my wife now has a podcast too (one that posts a whole lot more often than ours!)  Well now Betsy has snaked James right out from under me!  On that show, they discuss picture books and whether or not they belong in The Canon. This time they asked James which book he wanted to do and of course he chose a bizarre one, “Millions of Cats”. At the link you can also see that Betsy is far more industrious than I at finding fascinating pictures and links to back up her post, so don’t just get it off iTunes. Enjoy!


James Kennedy said...

I saw this headline and at first I thought you were onto us!

Unknown said...

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James Kennedy said...

Matt, I beg you, please leave these spam comments up, they are awesome.

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