Monday, January 02, 2017

Last Change to Give Us Laika Notes!

I was playing coy before, lest I ruin the surprise, but now you’ve had lots of time to listen to the second podcast, so I’ll go ahead and discuss it here: James took the Laika idea I tossed out in the first podcast and wrote his own version, and we’ll discuss it on the third episode, which we record in a few days. We’ll read it aloud on the air as I critique it, but in the meantime, you have one last chance to download the script and toss your notes into the mix, as Harvey Jerkwater did in the comments here. Thanks for the notes, Harvey!


Vlad said...

I thought James' suggestions were really solid. Have all the creatures be pets/dogs. It's not a problem, either, because you can just say that the "master race" bent on destroying other races does not realize that everyone is sending dogs, perhaps because they have no pets, or maybe because they are not so masterful after all and have a comic blindspot.

Also, I thought James came across as pretty argumentative in Ep 1. He was raising good points, but good points start to sound bad if you can't acknowledge the merit in your opposition's point of view. I completely agree that we should write unburdened by nasty mental critics, and I also completely agree that many readers of fiction, even if they want to enjoy a book and begin by extending every benefit and presumption to the author, will not do the imaginative, descriptive, or structural work that an author must do. They want to enjoy it, so the author needs to deliver. They will not finish the job for the author.

Unknown said...

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