Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pilot Checklist v4 is Up (And New Download Links!)

This is kind of a cheat, because it’s not that different from v3, but I eliminated four less-than-useful questions that had similarly been eliminated from the Story Checklist. ( I didn’t combine the questions that had been combined on the other checklist though). This checklist isn’t in the book, and I suppose it could be the basis of its own book at some point if there’s clamor for a sequel. I thought about cutting all the TV examples out of the book and saving those to accompany this checklist in a follow-up TV book, but I didn’t want to create a lot more work for myself.

So check it out! I also updated the download link for both the story checklist and the pilot checklist if you want to play along at home!

Tomorrow: Something cool!

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