Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Requiem for Cockeyed Caravan!

It was with a heavy heart that I converted this site to its new branding today. The old version of “Cockeyed Caravan” was my home for six years, and now it’s gone. I’ll miss that Hopper painting, the old logo, and the white on black text (though I know that annoyed some of you!) Let this post stand as a repository of the old logo!
In the meantime, I’m preparing lots of exciting new content for you.  We’ll officially relaunch this site soon in anticipation of the November book launch!


Paul Worthington said...

Looking forward to the book!
(And that Hopper painting is a great one.)

Durand WELSH said...

Hey, the stuff on here will still be archived, right? I'm hanging for the book and the new site but this site has been my go to site for years. I'm gonna miss the painting, though.

Matt Bird said...

Yup, my publisher has agreed to let me leave up everything that's here, and keep adding to it. That's good because most of it isn't in the book! (And a lot of the book never appeared here.)

Ameriie said...

Congratulations, Matt! ^_^ Yes, I'll miss the old site, but new times, new things.