Sunday, August 11, 2013

Narrative Breakdown Podcast on Plotting Thrillers

Hello everyone!  

How’s your summer?  Mine’s good.  I just finished the second draft of the book, but I still have a ton of work to do to get it into shape.  I may not have it done by September, but that’s okay, because I’m generating a new checklist, which means more roadtests, so that’s a month of entries right there.  Expect to see some of that after Labor Day.

So no, the summer hiatus isn’t over yet, but I’m checking in today to say that there’s a new podcast up!  Once again, I’m a guest on “The Narrative Breakdown”, and today we’re discussing plotting, thrillers, and the writing lessons of “Breaking Bad”, in honor of its return this evening.  Download it here or subscribe on iTunes here!

Enjoy, and have a good rest-of-summer!


j.s. said...

Oh man, was that mid-season premiere a doozy. Everything that's great about the show shone in it but perhaps even more so. There's that almost painfully teasing teaser that suggests so many possibilities in the future, all of them unpleasant. Then a series of revelations and ironic reversals. And a number of scenes wherein things advance at a pace much more quickly than any other show would have the guts/taste to do it. I'm talking from little moments, like cutting out what seems like an obligatory Hank hospital scene to huge dramatic choices, like cutting right to the chase at the end of the Hank & Walter garage scene.

Good luck with the rest of your hiatus.

Kas Thomas said...

Your last checklist rocks bigtime and I promoted it to my 200,000 Twitter followers. I've frequented 100 or more writers' blogs and yours is tops, because it goes beyond the usual trite advice (and beyond Advanced Beginner territory). It's great to find such thoughtful stuff, from a real practitioner (not a professional teacher or a wannabe). All by way of saying, keep it up.

Matt Bird said...

Thanks, Kas, I was wondering where all those twitter hits came from!

Rafael said...