Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Podcast Debut

My friends James Monohan and Cheryl Klein are both story-masters: She’s a big-time book editor who worked on the Harry Potter books and runs the super-useful blog Brooklyn Arden.  James is a USC-trained video editor and screenwriter who has been developing a neat writing-app called The Storyometer

As if all that’s not enough, the two have recently started their own podcast: The Narrative Breakdown.  All seven episodes are well-worth a listen (True story: I was listening to the last one and missed my subway stop for first time in years) but I especially recommend the most recent, since their guest co-host is this guy right here! 

They had me out to their place in Brooklyn, where we discussed scene construction, drawing from this series and especially this piece.  I thought it went awfully well.  Luckily, my voice is no longer as squeaky as it was when I was a young rake. 

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Jay Rosenkrantz said...

Great podcast dude. School is back in session!!