Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Beat

Well, I was going to have some concluding thoughts, but I realized that it had all already been said. Furthermore, I realized that after three weeks of double-sized posts, I’m beat. I think Mrs. Peeler has stolen my vitamins again. So I’m calling it an early week. I’ll see you guys next week for our regularly scheduled content.


R.J. Anderson said...

As a novelist, I'm finding this blog more helpful (and addictive!) than a lot of prose writing-focused blogs that deal with the same subjects. It's exciting to see some of the things I've been (usually unconsciously) doing right with my characterization, and find clear explanations for the times things didn't work out so well. I especially like your more nuanced approach to the whole "Save the Cat" thing, and what really makes the difference between an unsympathetic good hero/ine and a sympathetic bad one. I've always enjoyed your posts when I remembered to check in on this blog, but now I've subscribed so I won't miss any more of them!

James Kennedy said...

Take a well-deserved rest, Matt, and I second all of R.J.'s sentiments!

Anonymous said...

I third that. What everyone else said, plus this: Nobody's commented much on the last few entries because they're dang near perfect and there's nothing to add. Excellent work.