Monday, August 01, 2022

Marvel Reread Club Episode 36: June 1964

Marvel Reread Club does it all with smoke and mirrors in June 1964, featuring Amazing-Spider-Man #13, Daredevil #2, Fantastic Four #27, Journey Into Mystery #105 with Thor, Strange Tales #121 with Human Torch and Dr. Strange, Tales of Suspense #54 with Iron Man and the Watcher, and Tales to Astonish #56 with Giant-Man and the Wasp. Sketchy psychiatrists! Instant welding! Observing the memory images of a passing fish! Unwisely stenciled windows! Moist acorns! Ectoplasmic goons! Rivets! Two heroes with unused engagement rings!
And here’s that Ditko panel and one of the similar Life in Hell cartoons:

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