Monday, July 18, 2022

Marvel Reread Club Episode 35: May 1964, Part 2

Marvel Reread Club finishes off May 1964 with Tales of Suspense #53 with Iron Man and The Watcher, Tales to Astonish #55 with Giant Man and the Wasp, X-Men #5 and Avengers #5. Overrated playboys! Multidimensional Eclipses! Cellophane Air Chariots! Ice Airlocks! Gluttonousity!


Unknown said...

Hey Matt! My name is Irene Lumonye. Great stuff you got here. Out of curiosity, did you ever teach English at La Guardia Community College in NYC around 2010-2011?

Matt Bird said...

Glad you like the site. Nope, that wasn't me.